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Curse of the Gods

A YA Historical fantasy series based on the Irish myth of Cu Chulainn mixed with ancient Irish and Scottish history

Releases September 21st on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles

Pre-order now for limited time price only on Amazon

The prequel is here…

The Gods are watching.

Before Seanait could be a prophetic warrior she was a young girl trying to understand the power bestowed on her by the Gods. To understand her gift and train to be a warrior capable of a legendary destiny, Seanait travels to Scathach, the greatest warrior trainer in the Emerald Isles. She knows it won’t be easy but scarier than facing a serpent is facing the Gods and her own fear. With new friends besides her Seanait prepares for the future but is it even possible to change her fate?

This is a prequel novelette that occurs before the events of Curse of the Gods.

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