The Assassin of Acreage: Book One

For Serena Nightshade, the infamous Death Sparrow everything has come down to this. Templarians stole her homeland, killed her people, and outlawed her culture. For nineteen long years, Serena has survived as her homeland’s best assassin trying to get close to the King who destroyed everything, and have her revenge. However, new invaders threaten the little safety she has.

Samorians are infiltrating Acreage and now the Death Sparrow must trade in her daggers for ballgowns to save it. As if infiltrating the castle of a tyrant is not hard enough, shadows of her harrowing past and the man who broke her heart warn her never to trust again, but war is not won alone. She must team up with the Heir Prince, Daryl Merriweather, and his handsome Captain of the Guards, Wesley Trylo to navigate her precarious position at court. That is if she can keep her meddling heart from getting in the way of her mission. If not, even her skills as an assassin won’t be enough to survive this nightmare, especially if the strange gargoyle-like creatures haunting her don’t reveal her darkest secret.  

The Gods may be gone but magic isn’t. Especially not hers.

This title includes violence, LGBTQ+ characters, and a diverse cast.

Welcome to the world of Acreage

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Book Two: The Trial of a Tyrant

The epic continuation of The Assassin of Acreage series will change everything. To dethrone a King Serena and her friends will uncover every secret of the court but in doing so they may also reveal their own. In this dangerous game of politics no one can be trusted and some secrets will destroy even the the Assassin of Acreage.

Nothing cuts deeper than the truth.

The Awakening of Heroes

Cover reveal coming soon…

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