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Book 3 Releases September 27

The Epic conclusion to the Assassin of Acreage The Awakening of Heroes is coming…

The Shadow King has stolen the throne and ruined everything.

Serena and her friends must make miracles reality if there is any hope of fixing their future. The usurper must be unseated by any means necessary but to do so requires power. Power none of them yet possess, but the Gods do. Serena must find a balance between the darkness and light that lives in her to become Altara’s Champion.

But she isn’t the only one in search of destiny. Wesley’s budding relationship with Midhor, God of War and Love, will need to strength if he is to battle the magic rising against them. If Daryl can return from the dead a battle to regain his throne will be paved in spirits of the past.

Reckonings are coming, even for the Gods. Surviving the nefarious plans for power will take every hero of Acreage and Templaria, if they can awaken in time.

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Curse of the Gods by R.L.  McIntyre

Curse of the Gods

by R.L. McIntyre

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