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Book 2 Releases February 4

The adventure continues…

After closing the portals between the faelands and the mortal realm, Cillian finds out it wasn’t the solution he thought. His court is angry and so are the other kingdoms in the faelands, but worse of all Seanait hates him for what he did. Desperate to keep her safe but also make amends Cillian has accepted his role as king but his exiled brother Rory won’t let him keep it for long. Rory is always two steps ahead and each trap is worse than the last. Alone Cillian doesn’t stand a chance.

Seanait is finally in Ulster and as her seventeenth birthday passes she is on the threshold of completing her prophecy. Connacht’s Queen, Mebd is coming. She has her eyes on a bull that she thinks can save her kingdom but as secrets are revealed her real motives are less about saving the people than making the King of Ulster pay. Stuck between waring royals and the gods continued involvement in her life she has no time for Cillian’s political games. But she can’t ignore the mate bond she accepted. As much as she hates him she wants to love him more but destiny is an insatiable monster that demands blood. Someone is going to die and that someone might just be her.

When everything Cillian and Seanait have fought so hard to accomplish is about to fall apart the only thing that can save them is fighting destiny together.

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